Hypto Krypto rated #1 again

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto now rated #1 by Stag Mag

If you planted a different sticker on any of the boards on this list, would you know what brand it is? Maybe. But, there’s no question that the most unique surfboard of the year is the Hypto Krypto. With its boat-like hull and fattened nose, it’s certainly not the prettiest, but there’s nothing in the market like it and surfers are responding en mass.

A curvy, well-designed craft featuring a brilliant blend of volume and outline, it appears to be the ultimate all-rounder. The Krypto flies in anything from two-foot slob to eight-foot kegs.

“Other shapers come in and grab the board and just shake their head at it. I’m not sure whether it’s because they hate the shape or it’s because they can’t believe they didn’t do it first,” says Froggy, owner of Surf Culture in Sydney.

The simple law of supply and demand makes it the most sought after model on the market. “We are currently building around 50 to 60 Hyptos a day,” says Hayden.

Shops around Australia consistently reported that it was the top seller, and in the States top outlets like Huntington Surf and Sport and the Frog House couldn’t keep up. “We’d get a batch of Krypto’s in and by the afternoon they’d be gone. People were driving two or three hours to get them, and by the time they got here we we’d sold them all,” reported Huntington Surf and Sport.

“We have yet to determine what this model can actually sell globally,” adds Hayden.

Based on what we’ve seen over the last year, we’re guessing it’s a lot.

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Craig Anderson Feat. Hypto Krypto by Haydenshapes from Haydenshapes Surfboards on Vimeo.



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