CA 7’2 Jumbo Jet SLX


7’2 Jumbo Jet in MINT condition …waxed ready to go!

So you feel under volumed and the struggle of paddling is real. You catch the wave but the surfboard so unstable you can’t get to your feet. Your home break is weak and small most of the time. You are a big human that can still surf really well but there’s not a surfboard out there that has enough foam/volume for you. If you are relating to any of these scenarios then the Jumbo Jet is here to get you fully stoked.

7’2 22 1/2 3 1/2 65.28L 7″ CA Custom Fin (supplied) 85kg  or less
8’0 23 11/16 3 5/8 78.05L 7″ CA Custom Fin (supplied) 85kg
9’0 24 1/16 3 7/8 97.05L 8″ CA Custom Fin (supplied) ideal for all weights
9’6 24 1/4 4 106.36L 8″ CA Custom Fin (supplied) ideal for all weights

The Jumbo Jet has a 2 + 1 fin set up that turns easily thanks to the smooth lines of the round tail. Complimented by a tucked edge in the tail and modern rocker the Jumbo Jet accommodates the surfer that wants to go down the line, hit the section and move the board where ever it needs to go.

Throw in a little nose concave to help create lift for those heavier surfers allowing them to nose ride like a champ. The Jumbo Jet goes well in all conditions from small crappy beach breaks to beautiful points and steeper more challenging waves.

The shorter versions of the Jumbo Jet (7’2 and 8’0) will work a treat, they’re like the ‘big guys’ shortboard. These boards are for anyone that needs a little bit of help increasing their wave count. The extra volume allows you to paddle with ease, get in early and give you more time to get to your feet. I’m so stoked on this board it’s got my Dad back in the water in his Mid 60’s after 10 years out due to injuries and it has got him frothing. Hope you get the same stoke. Enjoy!


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