Superbrand 5’6 Unit CV

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The Unit is built for speed and agility, the Unit is a small wave assault weapon. With a curvy outline and a rocker and concave combo built for speed, the Unit delivers an exceptional balance of drive and control in the pocket, on the face, and off the lip. A bit of extra width in the nose provides for added paddling power, too.

OUTLINE: Wide and curvy which allows for ease of paddling, stability, and maintaining speed through flat sections.

ROCKER: Low continuous rocker which allows the rider to maintain speed.

CONTOURS: Single to double concave for maximum speed and maneuverability.

PERFORMANCE: Speedy and agile, the Unit is a surfboard designed to shred in small to medium sized waves and excels in soft, mushy surf.

Length Width Thick Volume Fins (Recommended NOT Supplied) Approx Weight Range
5’6″ 19 3/4″ 2 3/8″ 27.5ltr FCSII SB Med 60kg / 132lb or less
5’8″ 20″ 2 7/16″ 29.5ltr FCSII SB Med 65kg / 143lb or less
5’10” 20 1/4″ 2 9/16″ 31.5ltr FCSII SB Med 70kg / 154lb or less
6’0″ 20 1/2″ 2 9/16″ 33.5ltr FCSII SB Med 75kg / 165lb or less
6’2″ 20 3/4″ 2 5/8″ 35.5ltr FCSII SB Med 80kg / 176lb or more

Instead of relying on a wood stringer, Superflex construction technology uses a lively stringer-less EPS core and woven Kevlar aka “Vector Net”. Wrapping the board with vector net and three types of fiberglass (6oz e-glass, 5oz bi-axial, and 4oz e-glass) creates flex and strength throughout the board. This results in a consistent feel tip to tail and allows the board to flex naturally with the contours of the wave and in response to applied pressure from the surfer, all while creating a spring back feeling when coming out of turns.

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