Meyerhoffer Supernormal CV

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Welcome to the Supernormal CV your new everyday shortboard!

A favorite board for several of our ambassadors – it’s fun, it’s functional and about as traditional as Meyerhoffer’s designs get.

The Supernormal injects performance into a very usable small wave board. It flies down the line and the pulled-in tail helps maintain control in critical sections. The Supernormal is fun, functional, and maximizes your enjoyment in any conditions.

OUTLINE: The generous outline provides a stable platform and easy wave catching. The design of the tail adds control and precision when carving, and a subtle hip creates a release point through tighter turns.

BOTTOM: The complex bottom contours deliver a smooth, flowing ride. Single concave in the nose extends towards the center of the board offering quick acceleration and hold at takeoff. The single concave transitions into a double concave with vee through the tail. This creates a very efficient flow of water through the tail to enhance responsiveness and control at high speeds.

ROCKER: Smooth rocker through the nose helps with steep drops. The middle section it’s relatively flat, helping maintain down-the-line speed. The elevated tail rocker increases sensitivity off the bottom and helps the board to accelerate through turns.

FOIL: Additional volume is focused in the center zone producing a refined S-deck for increased sensitivity and feel. The tapered foil through the nose maintains sensitivity and reduces pendulum weight when performing dynamic turns.


5’8 x  20 3/8  x  2 3/8  =  31.5 L

5’10  x  20 1/2  x  2 1/2  =  34 L

Carbon Vector

Carbon Vector (CV) construction delivers unmatched performance by harnessing the flex characteristics of epoxy and the strength of carbon. CV combines a stringerless, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin and a distinctive carbon fiber webbing, (positioned on the bottom and around the rails). The carbon fiber webbing serves to evenly distribute tension across the entire surface area of the board to produce a lively, yet controlled flex pattern with remarkable memory recall. The biaxial fiberglass on the deck serves to add strength and also help prevent delaminating. CV boards feel fast, light and highly responsive in all conditions. CV construction has proven to have superior flex properties over our other board technologies by up to 20%.



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