Haydenshapes White Noiz PE-C


Haydenshapes White Noiz PE-C

White Noiz is a smaller wave performance shortboard designed around Craig Anderson’s feedback and his demands for this style of board. It’s a playful shortboard with great sensitivity for any high-performance surfing.

The brief was to shape a board meeting Craig’s personal preferences of having a performance shortboard that is clean and simple in its essence. You’ll do best when riding it 1 or 2 inches shorter as its plan shape has a little more surface area around the 12″ marks in the nose and tail. It rides best in waves from 2-4ft (waist to head and half high).

The shape features smooth continuous curves in both rocker and outline, allowing for a comfortable feel in all parts of the wave with no surprises. It has a very balanced sensation whether you’re a front- or back foot surfer.

Concave is medium throughout, with a very clean fade out to both nose and tail. Slight double concave between the middle of your stance and through the front fin area gives a nice directional acceleration to your bottom curve.

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’6″ 18.375″ 2.125″ 22.57L
5’7″ 18.5″ 2.188″ 24.02L
5’8″ 18.625″ 2.25″ 24.95L
5’9″ 18.75″ 2.25″ 25.53L
5’10” 19″ 2.313″ 26.98L
5’11” 19.25″ 2.375″ 28.47L
6’0″ 19.5″ 2.438″ 30L
6’1″ 19.625″ 2.5″ 31.31L
6’3″ 19.75″ 2.625″ 34.05L

PE-C Epoxy Carbon Composite Stringer
Hayden has developed the PE-C technology using high-quality composite materials that are engineered to flex with your surfing. Designed around the Torsional Flex, a centerline stringer charges up on flex during turns.

Taking inspiration from FutureFlex and combining that with modern materials and technology, the all-new PE-C Epoxy Carbon Composite Stringer is half the weight of a traditional PU stringer and utilizes a unique Flexual Memory to retain that new board feeling for longer. The Carbon properties increase the Flex Speed and Drive in comparison to the standard PE construction.



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