Aloha 5’8 FD small


Aloha FD small 5’8 x 20 x 2 5/8 = 33.01 Ltr SAVE $230

“Small – built to cover the more advanced elements of surfing whilst still focusing on fun. The FD small offers the most diversity through its multiple fin configuration, ride as a single fin for that flowing feeling that only a single fin can deliver.

Need more control? Why not add side bights to the single fin for increased performance or remove the single fin and ride as a quad when the waves are fast and hollow.” Jonno Cole

Product Information

    • 4+1  FUTURES Fin Boxes / Fins not included
    • DECK : 1 x 4 oz + Wood
    • BOTTOM : 1 x 4 oz + Wood
    • Foam Core : High Density EPS with timber stringer
    • Resin: Epoxy
    • Sanded finish
    • Leash Plug: FCS leash plug

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