3D HARD SOFT Futures 3 Fins


Skullbolt Zebra – GoHard – Soft thruster set M ( Suits up to 65Kg )

Our patented Dimple Technology, like on golf balls, has proven to reduce drag by up to 15% while providing maximum control.

– 3DFINS has created the ultimate soft surfboard fins that are incredibly strong, safe and durable. After you try our high performance safety fins, you will never look back at your old school soft fins again.

– 3DFINS was awarded the Australian Good Design Award 2020 in the sport and lifestyle category for our creation of the GOHARD/SOFT series surf fins.

– Our Eco friendly sustainable packaging is 100% recyclable and is manufactured with low production waste.

GOHARD – Soft Series high performance surf fins with a soft protective skin. Designed with a stiff inner core and a soft outer skin, 3DFINS soft series fins are engineered for ultimate performance, while reducing the chance of injury. The soft skin’s precision foils feature our patented dimple technology will give you more speed, control and drive. These safety surf fin offer more performance and control than most old fashion fiberglass, honeycomb and carbon fibre fins, making these surfboard fin perfect for any age, level and size surfer.

Golf balls have dimples for two main reasons, a dimpled surfaces reduce drag and improves lift. That’s why 3DFINS developed our patented Dimple Technology for all types of hydro fins. 3DFINS surfboard fins reduce drag, provides maximum control and stability in turns and most importantly, helps you keep your speed. Maintaining your speed in turns, keeps you in the sweet spot longer, extending your ride and making them more enjoyable. From your first ride, you’ll definitely feel the difference. Make the most of any size surf and don’t let your fins hold you back.

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