Laird Surfer Bundle


Laird Surfer Bundle

Includes Laird Surfer, 3 Futures Fins, Waterman Carbon Paddle, OE Barry board bag, OE SUP Leash

The result of years of experience and development, the Surfer is Laird’s “go to” board and the single most versatile board on the market. The rounded nose with concave bottom allows for easy wave entry and stable nose riding. The thin design along with the pintail shape keeps the rider close to the waterline and allows for easier rail-to-rail carving. All this without losing stability!

Available in both EPS-HP and EPS-Composite constructions, the original Laird-Pearson shape represents the state-of-the-art for all-around, high-performance surfing, and is our most popular board worldwide. The unique template with a low-entry nose and rounded pin-tail paddles, accelerates beautifully, and is incredibly maneuverable.


Length: 10’6″, Width: 30″, Thickness: 4.125″, Volume: 144L

Length: 10’0″, Width: 29″, Thickness: 4.125″, Volume: 130L

Length: 9’0″, Width: 28.75″, Thickness: 4″, Volume: 119L

Technical Info

EPS – COMPOSITE – A strong, vacuum-bag composite construction with a 1.5lb EPS core, the highest quality resin and fiberglass, and additional PVC or bamboo veneer for strength and durability.







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