Mick Fanning Beastie FCS2


MF Beastie softboard by 3 time world champ Mick Fanning. The Beastie has been designed to be the ultimate fun board the volume is really well distributed for such a large shape, the outline is generous providing a stable platform for those looking to progress their surfing to the next level!

Each Model and Size in the MF Softboards Range is Designed To Mick’s Specifications Using Advanced CAD Software

The EPS Core is CNC Milled Producing a Softboard With Unmatched Performance and  The Carbon Fibre is recessed into the deck of the EPS Core resulting in storage of potential energy during bottom turns with a progressive release resulting in a smooth transition during top turns Resulting in a Softboard that offers Speed, Power and Flow

6’0 x 20 x  2 5/8 = 37 Ltr

6’6 x 20 1/2 x  2 5/8 = 42.64 Ltr

7’0 x 22 x  2 3/4 = 50.05 Ltr

8’0 x 22 5/8 x  2 7/8 = 61.52 Ltr

9’0 x 24 x  3 1/2 = 88.71 Ltr

FCSII: 3 Fin Boxes with FUTURES F8 Safety Thruster Set ONLY

DECK: 2 x 6oz E-Cloth + 4mm IXPE Soft Skin

BOTTOM: 6oz E-Cloth + 4mm Slick Skin HDPE




Raising funds to care, cure and support people living with MND.

$25 from the sale of this MF board is being donated by Coastal Life to Care Cure Support.

Our simple purpose is to make a beneficial difference to others.

Our Long term aim is to contribute to a world where MND is no longer 100% terminal, by helping to uncover what causes MND and eventually finding a cure. In the Short term we will provide funding to improve the care and support for people living with MND and their families whilst contributing to research to find a cure .

Please visit the website  carecuresupport.org  for more information about the charity, or to make a direct donation.






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