Takayama 9’0 In The Pink ES


9’0 Takayama In The Pink epoxy softboard

Get on the ultimate high-performance noserider in the famous Softop-CP construction! The brand new In The Pink / Softop-CP, is able to surf anything from one foot slop to overhead barrels, this board is the “ONE” longboard you can surf in any condition. Ideal for the rider looking to own one perfect longboard, or someone looking to be more accustomed to the nose, the In The Pink will have you stoked on surfing again. The Surftech Softop-CP construction starts with a reinforced fiberglass/veneer construction and finished with a soft textured (so you don’t have to wax the board), EVA that covers the deck and wraps the rail. The soft deck and rail makes the Softop-CP construction the perfect option for beginners to expert surfers that want performance and safety.

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