TAKAYAMA 9’0 Noah Comp

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Takayama Noah Comp

Donald shaped the Takayama Noah Comp for Noah Shimabukuro as a contest & competition board.
Noah’s well-known for his progressive longboarding style, linking up smooth turns with nimble footwork and new-school moves along with being a high performance noserider.

9’0 x 22.5 x 2.7 = 62.6 Ltr

With a wide nose and pulled-in square tail, extra rocker in the nose and tail, this board was designed to excel in a variety of conditions.

Consider this the go-to board for all of Donald’s team riders when they enter a contest and the waves are constantly changing.

Perfect for someone looking for a performance longboard that will handle any situation – Whether you’re running up to the nose for some “tip time” or cranking a hard turn off the tail, the Takayama Noah Comp board is going to do it all.


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