Meyerhoffer 7’2 Slip In – CV


Meyerhoffer Slip In CV

7’6” x 21 7/8” x 3” = 46 L

More performance board than a traditional single fin, the Slip In’s innovative design allows you to explore unique lines on a wave. This surfboard is suited to surfers with an open mind searching for a new wave riding experience. It has received several design awards and featured in the surf movie Surfers Blood.

OUTLINE: The unique, yet highly functional outline features a side cut along the tail which minimizes drag, improves maneuverability, and encourages easy rail-to-rail transitions. The wide point is shifted forward to create a platform for the rider to generate acceleration and maintain down-the-line trim speed.

BOTTOM: The traditional hull in the nose transitions into a deep double concave spiral vee out through the tail. These bottom contours create a positive connection to the wave face while allowing for very smooth rail-to-rail action.

ROCKER: Designed to complement the outline, the rocker gives the feel of a traditional single fin with the response of a more contemporary board. Moderate rocker through the nose for quick directional changes and easy take off. The rocker accelerates through the elongated tail allowing you to go vertical, not easily done on a traditional single fin design.

FIN: The innovative 8.5” MeyerhofferFlex Fin developed with Future Fins has a dual material combo of stiff carbon-fiber base for precise control, and a raked flexible tip that noticeably increases drive off the bottom and through turns.

“You can use a modern style approach if you want real performance or just keep it real classic and maintain a one-line approach” says professional surfer, Eric Geiselman. Subsequently, the Slip-In is a proven functional surfboard used by devotees and professional surfers alike, the world over.

Josh Mulcoy, a surfers with an open mind searching for new experiences says: “It has all the good qualities of a single-fin, but at the same time, you can turn it on a dime. It has the best of both worlds: the thruster feel and the speed, but you can get on a rail like you do on a single-fin.” He continues; “You almost feel you get rid of a lot of the bullshit in surfing”

 Carbon Vector

Carbon Vector (CV) construction delivers unmatched performance by harnessing the flex characteristics of epoxy and the strength of carbon. CV combines a stringerless, high-density custom shaped EPS core laminated with biaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin and a distinctive carbon fiber webbing, (positioned on the bottom and around the rails). The carbon fiber webbing serves to evenly distribute tension across the entire surface area of the board to produce a lively, yet controlled flex pattern with remarkable memory recall. The biaxial fiberglass on the deck serves to add strength and also help prevent delaminating. CV boards feel fast, light and highly responsive in all conditions. CV construction has proven to have superior flex properties over our other board technologies by up to 20%.


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