Channel Islands 7’10 Water Hog


Channel Islands Water Hog Tuflite

7’2 x 21 x 2.6 = 43.2 Ltr

7’10 x 22 x 2.8 = 54.4 Ltr

The Channel Islands Water Hog is an Al Merrick shape which has consistently been one of the highest-selling boards for Channel Islands over the last decade. Think of it as a user-friendly and really fun board that really comes into its own in small-to-medium-sized waves. It has all the ingredients of a timeless mini-mal, there’s the low entry rocker for trimming, but with enough tail rocker to justify labelling as high-performance.

The aggressive exit through the tail allows riders to throw around the Waterhog much more than you’d expect from a mid-length board, courtesy of the squashed tail shape. Other shape features are the slight concave, a continuous rocker which is really flat through the nose, enabling you to trim precise and with ease. Then there the round nose and a nice, even foil. The hard rail kicks in just before the fins.

Fin setup

Over the years, the Channel Islands Water Hog has been issued with thruster setup and 5-fin cluster, but this Tuflite V-Tech version features a 2+1 setup, allowing you some more wiggle room for your single-fin preferences.

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