Aloha Blue Log Bundle

$1,359.00 $1,099.00

The Aloha Log Board Bundle – Includes the board, OE Barry bag, OE leash, OE Wax

“Traditional in the sense that this model has a simple, basic, gliding shape.
Designed to glide and flow through the dead spots on a wave. This design trims out and gets speed easily. Great paddling (straighter profile) and an all purpose performer, favouring wider turns. This is a board needs to be walked so it’s great for peeling point breaks or small beach breaks.”

Jonno Cole 

  • 10 Inch Slot Box
  • Deck: 2x6oz E-cloth Bottom: 1x6oz E-Cloth
  • Foam Core: Bennet with Optical Highlighter
  • Resin: Silmar USA
  • Blue Cut Lap Tint Polish Finish
9’0 22 3/4 2 7/8 73.15
9’3 23 3 79.17
9’6 23 1/4 3 1/8 85.48
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