Modern 5’6 Wild Child


Modern Wild Child
5’6″ x 20 x 2 3/8″ = 29.7 Ltr Orange
We’ve taken a step back in time with the Wild Child surfboard, mimicking the traditional fish outline from the 70’s era, and combining this with modern bottom contours and a quad set-up to deliver a very fast, smooth, free flowing ride.
 It’s wise to shift back a gear or two before you even paddle out on this one. Best surfed with a neutrally weighted stance in average to fuller waves, and with a more dominant back foot in steeper waves. Really focus on driving off the fins to utilise the speed and flow of this board.
And don’t be fooled either, the Wild Child will pivot in a super tight radius, and carry incredible momentum when it’s time to move your foot right back on the tail and jam a turn. The Wild Child is designed to be surfed significantly shorter than your standard board, and we recommended using the FCSII Split Keel quad to fully maximise the performance of the is model.

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