Meyerhoffer 9’2 Original


Meyerhoffer Original 9’2” x  22  x  3  = 63 ltr

The winner of more design awards in 2010 than most designers will achieve in a lifetime, the Meyerhoffer has
made its mark in surf history. The Peanut, the Duckbill, the Sexy board (look at those curves for a minute
and squint), whatever you call it, the Meyerhoffer rips like nothing else!
The accelerated entry rocker off the nose works in perfect tandem with the forward paddling position enabled
by the radical side cut that is so obvious from across the beach. This allows you to generate a ton of paddle
power because your stroke is so natural, not around the typical 22” you would have on a traditional board.
Once up on a plane, the nose is completely out of the water on your cut back allowing the side cut to do
it’s thing. The side cut pushes the wide point way back…that means that when you cut back you are riding a
much shorter curve.

Thomas calls ita Shortboard in a long board and that is the perfect description. It’s simply an amazing feeling, and your cutback never looked so good or projected so hard! Add to that the radical concaves and this board produces HEAPS of drive. The deep concaves put the force of your drive directly past the fin surface generating amazing amounts of
Construction is high performance, super light SLX biaxial epoxy

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